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Private Sessions

My daughter had a great experience with Abby and Brett. Their approach to preparing for the ACT resulted in an increase of 5 points over my daughter's Pre-ACT score. They were flexible with the scheduling and made the most of the time they had to prep. I would highly recommend.

- Kim K.

Abby and Brett were phenomenal in helping me to raise my SAT score! When I first began taking standardized tests such as the SAT, I felt like I had no control over my score and unconfident in my abilities. I was taught not only useful strategies for time management and difficult questions, but also ways to deal with the stress that can have a huge impact on your score. Abby and Brett were very understanding, patient, and truly committed to helping me to feel confident when the day of the test arrived. Overall, my score improved by 240 points. I highly recommend Abby and Brett!

- Vivian M.

Abby and Brett did a great job working with my daughter. I brought her there in the hopes of adding 100 or so points to her already good SAT scores. She enjoyed her time with both of them, finding their advice and guidance helpful. Her scores are back and she added 180 points. She is delighted and so are we.

- Greg S. 

In our private sessions, we focus on a student's individual areas of difficulty. We work with the student and their family to create an individualized plan to meet their goals. Typically, students meet with each of us for one hour each week (can be done as a 2-hr session once a week).

While we cover the same content in our private sessions and prep courses, we recommend private tutoring for students who:

  • Have a score below 850 or above 1450 on the SAT (below 17 or above 31 on the ACT)

  • Have extended-time accommodations 

  • Have taken one of our prep courses. Following up with privates after a prep course is is the most effective combination we've found for the maximum score increase.

For private and semi-private rates, please email. 

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