Small-Group Courses & Private Sessions via Zoom

Benefits of our online SAT & ACT courses:

  • Sessions are recorded and posted online. This allows students to look back at difficult problems and complex strategies taught previously. Students also do not need to worry should they need to miss a class, as they can watch the class session and be fully caught up for the next class. 

  • No long commutes or parking trouble. Students who normally would not feel comfortable driving across town can save themselves the time. 

  • Less social distraction. While it is great when students make new friends in a course, sometimes too much socializing can be distracting. With online courses, students can focus on the important task at hand - learning the strategies needed to improve their test scores. More introverted students may also feel more comfortable in their own space, while still having plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

  • We are keeping our communities safer. We understand the challenges of online learning and are continuing to develop methods to keep students engaged and track their progress and development in the course. By keeping class sizes very small and asking each student to actively participate, having bi-weekly one-on-one check ins with each student, and holding a proctored official practice test midway through the course, we are able to ensure that our online courses are  as effective as the courses offered in-person.

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